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What Is Picanha?

If you’re a connoisseur of fine meats or have ever dined at a Brazilian steakhouse like Gaucho’s Prime, you may have encountered a mouthwatering cut known as “picanha.” This Brazilian meat has been gaining popularity worldwide for its unique flavor and tenderness. In this blog, we will dive into the world of picanha, exploring its origins, preparation, and why it has become a beloved choice for meat enthusiasts everywhere. 

The Origins of Picanha

Picanha, pronounced as “pee-KAHN-yah,” is a popular cut of meat in Brazil. It is also referred to as the “rump cap” or “coulotte” in other parts of the world. This delectable cut comes from the rump area of the cow, specifically from the top of the sirloin. What sets picanha apart is its generous marbling of fat, which contributes to its rich flavor.

What Makes Picanha Special?

Picanha is a cut of meat that stands out for several distinctive characteristics, making it truly special and beloved among meat enthusiasts. Here are some things that make picanha so unique and delicious:


Picanha’s distinctiveness lies in its marbling, which is the dispersion of fat throughout the meat. This fat is what gives picanha its juicy and flavorful taste. When cooked, the fat melts, infusing the meat with a delicious and savory flavor. 


Brazilian cuisine takes pride in its seasoning, and picanha is no exception. Traditionally, it’s seasoned with coarse salt, allowing the meat’s natural flavor to shine through. The simplicity of this enhances the picanha’s taste and aroma. 

Cooking Method

Picanha is often prepared using various cooking methods. One of the most popular methods is skewering the meat and cooking it over an open flame, a technique known as churrasco. This method ensures the meat cooks evenly while retaining moisture and tenderness. 

Picanha at a Gaucho’s Prime

If you want to experience the best picanha in town, a visit to a picanha Brazilian steakhouse is a must. At Gaucho’s Prime, our renowned establishment specializes in serving authentic Brazilian cuisine, with picanha as one of its star dishes. Indulge in the flavors of Brazil by savoring our perfectly cooked Brazilian meat, expertly seasoned and served by skilled Gauchos.  

How to Enjoy Picanha

When enjoying this meat at a picanha Brazilian steakhouse, there are a few tips to maximize your experience:

  • Slices – Picanha is typically served in thick, juicy slices. Take your time to savor each bite, as the combination of flavors and textures is a culinary treat.
  • Accompaniments – Picanha pairs wonderfully with traditional Brazilian sides such as black beans and pork, Brazilian imported heart of palm, and imported and aged cheeses. These accompaniments complement the meat’s richness.
  • Beverages – Consider pairing your picanha with a Brazilian caipirinha or a refreshing sakerinha for an authentic dining experience.

Why Dine at Gaucho’s Prime?

Picanha is known for its exquisite flavor, tenderness, and cultural significance in Brazil. Whether you’re craving the best Brazilian meats in the area or just wondering what is picanha, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you visit us at Gaucho’s Prime. Stop by today to enjoy a true Brazilian culinary dining experience.