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Prime Meats

At Gaucho’s Prime we are proud to offer the highest quality of our products. Our meats are all USDA PRIME, carefully aged up to 45 days, prepared and served by our gaucho chefs to enhance the flavor, moisture and the tenderness of each cut of meat.

From a qualification that starts with: not rated, select, choice, or higher, PRIME stands out to be the best product with the best marbling and tenderness. Our gaucho chefs are well trained to butcher, skewer, marinate and cook on open fire to preserve the unique flavor of each cut of meat.


The premium of top sirloin. Most famous Brazilian cut.


The large and long cut of the top sirloin. the top sirloin is the prime cut below the tenderloin of filet mignon.


One of the juiciest and flavorful cuts


Favorite American cut. Seasoned and cooked to perfection

Filet Mignon

The most tender cut. Sprinkled with sea salt to preserve the tenderness and flavor.


New Zealand halal meat. Specially marinated with lemon and fresh mint.


From our slow-cooked pork ribs to our traditional parmesan pork carefully seasoned to wow your tastebuds


Our traditional slow-cooked chicken is marinated overnight in beer and cognac to compliment your experience


Open fire-grilled salmon is served with our passionfruit sauce to perfect the flavor


Traditional grilled cheese to pair with your salad

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Lunch / Sat- Sun


Dinner / Everyday


Salad Bar with Hot Bar



Ages 6 and under


Ages 7-12

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